Monday, November 29, 2010

She's gone mad!!

Last week was a bust. No, really. I totally dropped the ball on all my goals thus far. In my defense my kids didn't have school all week. So I feel justified blaming my lack of following a plan on them. And the whole drinking water thing, you all know you can't drink water when the kids are around. No, that is forbidden.

But I do still have the scale. And my measurements. No, I haven't checked if they have changed. I am a little afraid to, just in case they have gone up instead of down. Nope. My weigh-in won't be until January.

I'm back in the saddle again, folks. I've got my plan a made. I have my endless water bottle. I am feeling so good I am going for the big kahuna! I'm dropping candy from my diet. Not sugar. Oh, no. I am so not ready for that. Not sure I ever will be. No. Just candy.

Candy is my addiction. I can't seem to go into a store and come out empty handed. Quite often my cart has two or three treats in it. And then I take those treats and I hide them. That, or I inhale it before I get home and leave the wrapper in a secret place so there is no proof.

Doesn't that sound like addiction to you?

No more, my friends.

I can have a treat if I have cooked it myself and if I am going to sit down and eat it with my family. I have already bought the stuff for our family treat on Sunday, Cherry Cobbler. I can look forward to that. And I am talking it up to my kids. We are all excited about it.

I have made sure that I won't need to go to the store, where the chocolate will call to me. "Take me home! You need me. Who cares if my calories are equal to the calories burned in the 45 minutes you ran this morning. You need me!!" Nope. No stores.

I can do this. It is a biggie for me.

So, if you see me this week walking a little wonky and looking like I am going to kill someone, just come up to me and say, "Cherry cobbler. You can make it to cherry cobbler."

But make sure you are at least an arms length away.

Come Friday, there is no telling what I might do.

Any advice??


  1. I'm a firm believer that if you run in place while eating the candy it doesn't count. You are a brave brave girl cutting candy this time of year, good for you!!

  2. My only advice is to find sweet but healthier substitutes. I love candy too so I feel ya. An example is those "Simply Fruit" fruit roll-ups or if you have an ice cream maker, a really simple frozen yogurt can be that Honey Greek yogurt with some sugar. Maybe this is too much advice and I'll shut up...:) We always have something sweet on hand so I am just as guilty.

  3. I can see why you don't want CANDY.
    You probably want to get more
    healthier or even loosing

  4. It is hard losing weight! I try to keep healthy snacks at work like carrots and celery and I eat hummus with whole grain pita chips! My oldest son is losing weight and he cut soda and all junk food from his diet. He is doing good. Just cut put little things at a time. It is easier that way! Hope your Christmas was wonderful! Anne

  5. I'm with you girl! Cannon ball!!! I HAVE to get my weight loss - health act together too!!!
    Have a pretty day!