Thursday, October 28, 2010

Butt...where is thy hiding place?

I used to have a cute butt. You probably didn't want to know that, but I need you to know that. I used to be thin. Not skinny. To me skinny means you can see ribs. Nope, I was never skinny. I have always been athletic so thin or fit would be a good description.

When I met Hubs I weighed 115 lbs. And I wore like a size 4. I looked good!

Then I went and had 5 kids in just under 9 years. Through the years I would gain and lose a little and then gain some more, and lose a little and then gain a ton more, and then think about losing some....etc.

Now I am in a size 16/14, depending on the pants, and haven't been on the scale in a few months. I broke my scale. Not by standing on it...shame on you for thinking that. Actually, it got wet. Something involving a toddler and a large cup and the toilet. Don't ask. Point is, there is no more scale.

I know that deep down my cute butt is still in there. I can feel it if I squeeze it hard enough. Okay, that was TMI! I have to get my fat butt off of my cute butt.

How? That is the question.

I know what I need to do, but the list is sometimes overwhelming.

BUT, Big Mama at Big Mama and the Bristol Project has something great going on on her blog called Just One Change Weight Loss that is helping her on her search for her old butt. She is making one change a week. Just one. Uno. 1. 4-3=1. (Sorry, I am stuck in Everyday math mode.) I can do that. I can totally do that.

It's like this: Imagine you are trapped in a rain forest that is thick with plants and branches and leaves. You want to get to the beautiful beach, with it's light blue waters, warm sand and bright sunshine. But the vegetation is so thick that you can't get through it, no matter how badly you want to. Lucky for you, you have a machete. (I'm not violent at all.) You carve your way through that forest, one swing, one stroke at a time.

So, my cute butt is the beach. My fat butt is the vegetation, plants, branches, etc. The machete strokes are the steps I will take, one week at a time. It is here that I will name my strokes. It is here that I will be accountable, to you my blogging buddies.

My arms may get tired every now and then, I may want to take a little nap against a coconut tree, but I figure if I have you as my cheerleaders, together we can make it to the beach.

What'ya think? Your goals, whatever you think you need. Even if your butt is more like overgrown grass, join us!

My first step: Buy a new scale and put down my body measurements. (Gulp) I may or may not put them on here. I should. You all love me, a totally platonic blogging buddy kind of way? You aren't going to judge least not out loud in the comment section, right?? I figure all my success can't be measured on a scale...hence the humiliation.

It's a slow start, but its a start. And I am ready.

Size 5 here I come!! Okay, so at this point I would settle for a size 8, as long as I can get a daily glimpse of me-old buttocks!


  1. Oh how I would love to be in the single digits again! I started counting points (weight watchers) hard with all this Halloween candy in the house!
    I look forward to following your journey...I know you will be an inspiration!

  2. way to go Stef. . .if you can give birth to 5 children you can do anything!

  3. I love it!!!!! As soon as the Halloween candy is gone, I am all in! See you at Zumba!!!!!

  4. 115 lbs? That's not skinny, that's a skeleton!

  5. Such a great analogy. I'm a very visual person and your machete and overgrown jungle spoke to me. I too need to find the butt within. I will be cheering you on and maybe cut a few swathes myself.

  6. Good news, Stef. Size inflation means I can now wear a size 4 at 135 pounds. So that number is still within reach...

  7. it is better of having less weight
    and sizes.